I took out the new waterproof Pentax w80 for the first time this morning to add a review onto WaterproofCamera-s.com and because I was exited to check it out.
One note to mention is that the Pentax w80 slides very easily in and out of the Surf Camera case.
The surf was super glassy, shoulder high with peaky barrels and enough line to bash the lip 2 to 3 times followed by a kick out.
The only down side was that it was gloomy outside with the same coloring as the ocean. It was very hard to depict the horizon, and I have perfect vision. In fact it hurt my eyes because I was squinting to figure out the height of a wave because the top of it blended right in with the horizon.
With my own eyes seeing the same gloomy coloring all the way around me there was really no way of getting a focused shot unless someone was surfing nearby. I had it all to myself. So rather than worry about my new camera review, I just surfed my arse off!
Shown is one of the photos that did come out. As you'll see, not very clear because of the hazy sky.

Stay tuned for my update review on my new Pentax w80.

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