Let face it, most of us don't get to Baja much anymore. The killings going on down there are still happening keeping us surfers north of the border. Most recently near Rosarito Beach.
Those of us that decide to brave it out are heading straight to and from one of the beach front communities without stopping to do shopping or dinning anymore. This of course hurting their tourism dollar even harder.
I'm not too worried about the drug cartel shootings because I do realize they aren't targeting us but rather their drug smuggling opponents. What I'm worried about is getting my car broken into or even worse, stolen.
Come-on, we're financially hurting north of the border, south of the border has it way-waay worse.
It's only fitting to want to view a surfcam of Rosarito Beach in Baja Mex. We are constantly looking for surfcams in Baja to make our decision making of surfing baja a bit easier.
If anyone reading this knows of any webcams on some realty or hotel site in Baja please respond here and we'll take a look to see if we can host it here too.
Enjoy the surfcam viewing the surf at Rosarito Beach.

Rosarito Beach Surfcam

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