Aloha, Andy Irons. May his legacy and inspiration live on. We will miss you.

Andy Irons death today came as a huge shock to me. He was my favorite surfer. I loved his competitive desire to win.
I have had the privilege of having Andy stay at my house and surf with him in front of my place when he came here to surf the OP Pro as a junior up in Huntington Beach when he was 17 years old. Andy went on to win it!
I remember when he was putting on a wetsuit in my backyard and he said, "man, this is weird having to wear a wetsuit". I asked him if he ever had to wear one before, he said "no this is my first time" I smiled and said "ya, it's pretty ruff".
I remember him as a tall pimply face 17 year old been-pole then watched him doing big air reverses in slopping mid day 2 foot surf. I thought to myself, wow!... this kid rips. I knew right then he was going to take the OP Pro.
I have loved following his domination in surfing and winning the world title three times.
Andy's wife, Lyndie, is expecting their first child within a month.
My heart really goes out to his family.

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Comment by Travis Best on November 2, 2010 at 7:59pm
Such a shame! Andy looked to be in a really positive frame of mind this year. After his Teahupoo win he said he was happy just to win one more time, RIP Andy (cut down in his prime)

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