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River Surfing: Setting the record straight


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Surfer Shot Gets Responsive


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New Steamer Lane Surfcam

We've upload a new surfcam for Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.

Full HD webcam that pans back and forth viewing the break at Steamer Lane.

Many of the best surfers recently shared their thoughts on surfing Santa Cruz, during the O'Neill Coldwater Classic. Once such pro surfer said, "I don't regard the Lane as a…

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Newsletter Oct 2012

Surfer Shot is focusing on the root of the website... Your Surf Photos and Videos. Your surf photo / videos will now also show up by location on each surfcam page. If you photographed at the Huntington Beach Pier your surfer shots will be on the Huntington Beach surfcam pages. For more info read-on on this Oct12 Newsletter...


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Newsletter April 2012

Surfer Shot presents to you a free prescreening of 80-Waves. See it here before it hits the big screen!…

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Ricoh PX 16MP Waterproof Camera

Recently, I just found Ricoh PX 16MP waterproof camera. It's interesting that the price is under $200 but it has high resolution to 16MP, waterproof to 10 feet and impact resistant to 5 feet. With the same features, other brands price are over $200. But I have never used Ricoh before. I heard about reputation of it that it provides vivid color and full of functions. If anybody used to have Ricoh (especially PX series), please comment about it. PS. I find interesting website …

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Added by Warren Water on November 29, 2011 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

To Surf or Not To Surf

So I was just wondering - if you had stitches in your head (only 4 and not that bad) would you still surf against doctor's orders? I didn't and am still not even after they are out. The doctor told me that I needed to wait a few more days. I'm incredibly frustrated but I figured getting an infection on the head would be really brutal. Had the stitches been on my leg or arm I wouldn't even think twice about it and would have already been back in the water. I guess since I'm a bit older - and… Read more →

Added by Apryl DeLancey on April 10, 2011 at 5:02pm — 2 Comments

Do you prefer to surf alone or with friends?

I was just wondering as a general thing - do you like to surf alone or with friends?  Personally, I surf alone most of the time but there are usually others in the same spot I am surfing.  If I waited around for someone to come then I would almost never go.  My favorite time to go is before work - dawn patrol.  However, I do quite enjoy surfing with some good friends that understand that the conversation get interrupted when it's time for a ride!

Added by Apryl DeLancey on April 5, 2011 at 2:02pm — 2 Comments

looking for a camera

what do you think about this .. looking for a good camera for the money .. how about the GE one and case .. for the money..around 200$, reading the reviews it got good one .. not to much tech. stuff.. what you think.

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about your surf report

i like your surf report ,, the only thing is there a way ,when you show the the waves are coming from .could you show the degrees it coming from ,, it makes a big different down here in baja thanks so much

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Aloha, Andy Irons. May his legacy and inspiration live on. We will miss you.

Andy Irons death today came as a huge shock to me. He was my favorite surfer. I loved his competitive desire to win.

I have had the privilege of having Andy stay at my house and surf with him in front of my place when he came here to surf the OP Pro as a junior up in Huntington Beach when he was 17 years old. Andy went on to win it!

I remember when he was putting on a wetsuit in my backyard and he said, "man, this is weird having to wear a wetsuit". I asked him if he ever had to wear… Read more →

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New Surfcam Viewing Rosarito Beach

Let face it, most of us don't get to Baja much anymore. The killings going on down there are still happening keeping us surfers north of the border. Most recently near Rosarito Beach.

Those of us that decide to brave it out are heading straight to and from one of the beach front communities without stopping to do shopping or dinning anymore. This of course hurting their tourism dollar even harder.

I'm not… Read more →

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Good Session

It was nice to meet you out in Mission today. Thanks for taking some pics, I'm looking forward to checking it out later! Lets surf again soon.

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Red ISland

Red ISland is The newly Surf Spot in main discovered surf spot in East Java. located in Banyuwangi, 3 hours from Bali and about 6 hours from Denpasar Airport. Beach break, white sands, nice glassy right and left hander break. The area consists of numerous sand bottom beach breaks to suit all levels of surfers ideal for beginners.…

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New to Surf

Hi all, I'm new at this, I raced only twice, but I love, I love sailing, I love the sea and the waves where I live, unfortunately there is no sea, I have… Read more →

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New Baja Mexico Surfcam

Just added; Surfcam in Baja Mexico just south of the border. Viewing the Playas (beaches) of Tijuana, MX.

A great tool when thinking of heading across the border for some surfing, specially when you want to make sure there are waves.

It would be a bummer to get your head chopped off for nothing. But I think you'll see in this surfcam a whole different way of viewing Mexico, beautiful, quiet and uncrowded... and don't worry about your head, it'll be fine.

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New Surfcams for Members Only

We are in the process of making all the surfcams on Surfer Shot viewable to our signed-in members only, by going thru the "Group" section called Surfcams.

If you haven't already done so all you need to do is sign-in, go to the… Read more →

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Mobile phone protection while surfing

i am a product designer and i am currently working on a device that would protect your mobile phone while you are surfing.…
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