I like to bring as little as possible as to have just my carry-on bags and my surfboard if I don't think I can find a good rental.

Does anyone out there have a good strategy of bare essentials to bring on a surf trip via aircraft that you can get everything aboard as a carry-on?

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Assuming to a place of no wetsuit needed for two weeks;

Carry on Suitcase

  1. 2 trunks
  2. flip flops
  3. 3 t-shirts
  4. 2 pair of undies
  5. light beach towel (if not bringing a board)
  6. sun screen & mosquito repellent
  7. light first aid kit
  8. spare surf leash
  9. 2 or 3 large double zip-lock bags (freezer lock) for wet stuff
  10. small stack of old surf mags to give to the coffee shops you hang at (3rd world trips)
  11. small toilet bag

Small back back

  1. Camera!
  2. Sweatshirt
  3. personal pillow
  4. airplane entertainment.

Surfboard - if taking it - Delta $300 bucks round trip.

  1. beach towel
  2. vest or wetsuit.

I wear jeans, semi-dress shirt, shoes & light jacket on aircraft.

A GPS guide will shorten your driving time saving you tons of extra surf time!


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