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Surfboard Camera Mount
This Surf Camera set up weighs less than the GoPro

surfboard camera mount rear view
surfboard camera mount front view
surfboard camera mount side view

Don't Just Mount Your Camera, Free it from its Mount!

Hardware needed:

The mount is made by RAM and only weighs an ounce. (Buy Camera Mount)

  • 9/32 socket or wrench
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Mount comes with 3M stick pad


  • It's pretty much self explanatory.
  • Secure the two screws from the Surf Camera case attachment to the mount.
  • Place the Surf Camera case onto the female attachment.
  • Peel the plastic off of the 3M tape pad and stick the RAM mount to your surfboard (or helmet).
  • Slide in your waterproof camera and your ready to video yourself surfing!

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The nice thing about this setup vs. the Gopro is that you can also pull the camera quickly out of the case and shoot or video others around you.



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